Monday, January 22, 2018

...AG questions Dr Merle Hodge’s ‘change of heart’

 Constitution Reform Commission (CRC) member, Dr Merle Hodge, is being asked by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to explain why she now has a problem with the recommendations contained in the final report of the commission when she herself signed off on the document.

In a strongly worded statement to the Express on Thursday, Hodge raised questions about the run-off aspect of the proposed changes to the Constitution, saying it was not discussed during public consultations around the country.

She said it was also not in the People’s Partnership’s manifesto or in the commission’s report.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday, Ramlogan said the run-off proposal is in fact in the final report and Hodge is now “appearing to resile herself from her position with her co-Commissioners”.

He said when Government received the report, it considered all the recommendations and moved swiftly to implement them.

“One would expect and hope that before they (members) put their signature to that document there would have been mature reflection, careful deliberation, and genuine and meaningful discussions among these persons who were appointed and handsomely paid to serve on that commission,” he said.

“I find it strange because Miss Hodge signed the recommendation, it is her recommendation to the, I don’t know why this flip-flopping all of a sudden,” he added.

Ramlogan said debate on the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2014, will continue as planned on Monday.