Tuesday, January 23, 2018

AG’s disclosures ‘a charade’

People’s National Movement (PNM) public relations officer Faris Al-Rawi described the Attorney General’s news conference yesterday as a distraction from the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, which is set for debate in the Senate tomorrow. Speaking at a news conference at his St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, office last evening, Al-Rawi urged the nation “not to be fooled by Government’s charade”.

“I am confident that the Attorney General did not get this information on Sunday. It is therefore curious that he should choose on a Sunday evening to make these disclosures when the Constitution (Amendment) Bill is on Tuesday,” he told reporters Al-Rawi said as far as the PNM is aware, the investigation into the emailgate matter is still ongoing. He urged the Police Service and the Integrity Commission, who are pro­bing it, to respond to Ramlogan’s claims.

“This matter is something which is still pending.

We do not accept the Attorney General’s version, as an interested third party, as to what has happened in this matter.” He said the revelation by Ramlogan yesterday proved PNM Political Leader Dr Keith Rowley was right to call for an investigation. He went on to note that, according to the document Ramlogan gave to the media yesterday, Google checked the e-mails which were sent between September 1 and 30, 2012.

He said the public is unaware whether e-mails could have been sent prior or subsequent to this period. “So the Attorney General’s request for disclosure in the limited period of September 1 to 30 from Google and the affidavit and disclosure from Google, coming as they are, are tailor-made to what he asked them to look for,” Al-Rawi said.