Thursday, January 18, 2018

AK-47, ammo found in house: cops arrest man, granny


FIREPOWER: A shortened version of the AK-47 assault rifle, four magazines and various types of ammunition which were seized yesterday from a Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, house, along with five other guns and a quantity of marijuana that had been retrieved by officers of the Northern Division Task Force over the last month. —Photo: MICHEAL BRUCE

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A shortened version of the globally popular Kalishnikov (AK-47) assault rifle, along with 359 rounds of ammunition, were found in a Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, house where a 36-year-old man and his 89-year-old grandmother were arrested yesterday.

The team of officers was led by ACP Wayne Dick and Snr Supt David Abraham, who heads the Police Service Northern Division.

According to Abraham, around 7 a.m., ACP Dick and himself, along with approximately ten officers of the Northern Division Task Force (NDTF), went to a house in First Street, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, where they executed a warrant to search the house, which is owned by the 89-year-old woman.

During the search, they found the almost brand-new AK 47, along with four magazines, including one that holds up to 100 bullets, and 359 rounds of various types of ammunition, including shotgun rounds and .75 ammo.

The two people were arrested and taken to the Arouca Police Station where they were being questioned up to press time last night.

Snr Supt Abraham added that over the past month, more than ten guns had been recovered by the Task Force officers.

"I wish to commend our officers for all the hard work they had been doing this month," he beamed.

Constable Henry of the NDTF was also asked to speak during yesterday's impromptu media conference. He, along with his junior colleagues, appeared tired.

"We in the Northern Division Task Force are engaged in a serious operation attacking the criminals who are robbing and murdering people, and due to an increase in these situations, we have given up our family lives, and working the streets very hard," Henry told the media.

"We will continue our efforts regardless of our own situation, and we will continue to be relentless against these criminal elements and bring success to the Police Service. To all you criminals, I and my colleagues are issuing a stern warning as we will continue to step up our game and bring you all to justice."

ACP Dick, who recently moved from the Mounted Patrol Branch to the Northern Division, said in light of yesterday's successful raid, they were going to continue their push and promised "zero tolerance for any criminal activity, including possession of guns and any attack on the law-abiding citizens".

Both he and Abraham showered praise on their juniors.

"This success could not have been achieved had it not been for the teamwork among all of us," said Dick.