Thursday, December 14, 2017

ASJA school returns to mosque

CLASSES resumed at Barrackpore ASJA Primary School yesterday, three days after pupils turned up to find the furniture had been removed from the building.

On Sunday evening, members of the Rees Road ASJA mosque, where classes have been held since last term, removed the school's furniture and placed the items at the back of the school. The school and mosque are located on the same compound.

A school official said the reason the furniture was removed was because the Education Ministry had assured new accommodation would be ready this week.

After a meeting between the ASJA board and Ministry of Education officials on Wednesday, the pupils returned to the mosque after assurances were given that a new school would be built, the official said.

Secretary of the school's Parent-Teacher Association Sheba Baksh-Soondar said parents, staff members and children began replacing the furniture around 8 a.m. yesterday.

Parents had protested in March for a new school, prompting a visit by Member of Parliament for Naparima Nizam Baksh, Ministry of Education officials and members of the ASJA board.

At a stakeholders meeting on March 28, it was concluded that the school was condemned and no longer safe. Some 20 pupils have transferred to other schools since then.