Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Venezuelan Valentine's Day


Venezuelan Ambassador Maria Eugenia Marcano, second from right, along with members of staff and journalist Manuel Pantin at the entrance to the event.

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Felix Roach delights the audience with his skill on the ivories.

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The Venezuelan Embassy hosted another activity dedicated to culture and art in keeping with the Valentine's Day celebrations on February 14. Valentine's represents friendship and love and it is with this in mind that this diplomatic mission has been celebrating for the last five years on this date ( February 14) the friendship between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

The activity highlighted the history of Valentine's and its common denominators of love, friendship and peace as well as a spotlight on the links between Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago and two regions in Venezuela, specifically El Callao and Carúpano, where the celebrations mirror some of the ones we enjoy here in our very own spice island.

Writer/Historian Michael Anthony summarised the concept with a brief walk through the history of the how and when of Carnival "From then to now". The evening's activity also featured musical presentations by pianist Felix Roach, a pan presentation by Christopher Lewis, calypso on the harp with David Singh and the reading of poetry by Safiya Hosein.

The evening was packed with many delightful moments as attendees clapped, swayed and even danced to the sound of the music, both old and new even as they enjoyed the presentation of Jouvert costumes by the band Rejuvenation.