Thursday, December 14, 2017

A look at his wife and in-laws

Relative thinks highly of him...


PRESIDENT-ELECT: Justice Anthony Carmona

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Reema Harry Singh-Carmona, the wife of Justice Anthony Carmona, who has been nominated to be the country's new President, was born and raised at Thick Village, near Siparia.

Harry Singh-Carmona and her husband have two childrenó12-year-old Christian and Anura, ten.

Harry Singh-Carmona is 43 years old and an economist by profession.

Harry Singh-Carmona's father, Cobee Singh, was a contractor and managing director of Sunco Engineering Services Company Ltd.

Singh died in October 2011.

Her mother, Savitri Seetaram-Singh, said she was asked not to speak to the media about her son-in-law's appointment on Tuesday.

"I was asked not to say anything about it. Maybe after the swearing in, and when everything settles down, I will be able to speak about it," she said.

Harry Singh-Carmona's brother Nandi Harrysingh is a medical doctor.

Seetaram-Singh said, "I know the public wants to know about the new (president's wife) and her family and they have a right to know, but I think it is a bit too early. I really want to wait. But I can say that I think very highly of my son-in-law."

Seetaram Singh and her son visited Carmona at his Flagstaff, St James home, following the announcement that he was the Government's choice for President on Monday.

Carmona is expected to be sworn in as the country's new head of state when the Electoral College meets on February 15.