Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Abducted mom saves herself

...hunt on for Penal truck driver

Police are searching for a 42-year-old truck driver who abducted

a woman and locked her in the trunk of his car. The woman, a mother of two, was able to unlock the trunk and save herself.

Investigators said the suspect broke into the woman's apartment at Bownath Trace, Penal, while she was caring for her two young children on Monday afternoon.

The man attacked the woman and beat her on the head.

Police said the woman was knocked unconscious and the man believed she was dead. He dragged her out of the house, placed her in the trunk of his car and drove off. The children were left screaming inside the apartment.

The woman, in her 20s, regained consciousness inside the trunk and began shouting for help. She knocked out the park lights at the rear of the vehicle, poked her hand through the opening, and began waving, the Express was told.

A female driver noticed the hand and contacted the Penal police station. As officers issued an all points bulletin and began searching for the green Nissan 280C car, the woman unlatched the trunk and jumped out.

She ran to a nearby hardware and begged for help. The hardware workers gave the woman water and clothing before contacting paramedics. The woman was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and discharged. Her children were found at home by police and handed over to relatives. They were not harmed.