Friday, December 15, 2017

Accident victim joked about death 5 days before


in mourning: Ramraj Maharaj and his wife Sita as they come to terms with the death of their son Vishal at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday in St James. —Photos: GYASI GONZALES

Mark Fraser

FIVE days before he was killed, accident victim Vishal Maharaj hugged his mother, Sita Maharaj, and told her jokingly that he was going and die and “alluh go miss meh face”.

Maharaj, 17, a Vishnu Boys’ College graduate and his cousin, Sunil Mahadeo, 20, were both killed around 3 a.m. on Sunday when the Toyota Hilux in which they were travelling in the tray crashed.

Police said that around 3 a.m. the Hilux with eight occupants was proceeding west along the Audrey Jeffers Highway. 

Five of the young men and women were in the cabin of the vehicle while the other three, Maharaj, 17, of Paul Augustus Road, Chin Chin Road, Cunupia, and  Sahadeo, 20, of Second Avenue, Latchman Gardens, Cunupia, along with another man identified only as Neeval were in the tray of the pick-up vehicle. 

Upon reaching the vicinity of the Peake’s One Stop Service Station, Kalim Ali, 25, the driver of the vehicle, told police he received a “bad drive” from another motorist, and while trying to avoid a collision, he lost control of the vehicle. 

The vehicle slammed into the concrete barrier along the highway, before spinning out of control. Both Maharaj and Sahadeo were thrown from the tray of the pick-up and landed violently onto the roadway.

They both died on the scene while Neeval remains in stable condition at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Friends and relatives of the two deceased were at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday.

After viewing his son’s body, Maharaj’s father, Ramraj Maharaj, sat in his car and wept. His wife, Sita Maharaj, later joined him. Together they recounted the last bits of conversation they had with their son.

They said on his cellphone WhatsApp status he had posted, “The end is near...”

Ramraj said his son even made a will last week stating who his PlayStation, cellphone and laptop would go to in case he died. 

He said on Sunday night he saw the will his son had typed and broadcasted via his BlackBerry Messenger Service to all of his friends.

“I don’t understand that. He was a happy youth man. He was only home whole day and if he ever wanted money for anything he would ask his mother and besides that he also wanted to go back to school,” he said.

 “He told me ‘right now I takin a lil rest dey and let my daddy mind me’,” laughed Ramraj.

During the conversation with reporters, Sita joined her husband at his side.

She tearfully recalled that five days before her son had hugged her and told her, “I am going to die and we go miss him and alluh go miss this face.”

A funeral service for Maharaj takes place tomorrow  at the family’s  Cunupia home following which his body will be cremated at the Caroni Cremation site.

Narace Bolen, the father of Sunil Mahadeo, said the deceased was his youngest son. “He was a really, really decent boy,” he said.

St James police are continuing investigations.