Monday, February 19, 2018

Accused kidnapper allergic to fish

...Doctors unable to do CT scan

THERE was yet another delay in doctors carrying out a computed tomography (CT) scan on the man accused of kidnapping six-year-old Keyianna Noel from her Port of Spain home in December, after he suffered an allergic reaction.

The man was said to have been allergic to fish but was given fish products to consume while at hospital, unknown to him.

He has been at Port of Spain General Hospital since his arrest in Barataria on January 2. The man reportedly began vomiting and urinating blood after being arrested.

Doctors at the health institution were scheduled to carry out the scan on Saturday, but it was not done because of the allergic reaction, said his attorney Fareed Ali.

Ali told the Express that his client was slowly improving but continued to demonstrate the same type of symptoms.

During a brief telephone interview, Ali said an ultrasound was performed on Friday, with doctors concluding that he may have suffered broken ribs.

However, this cannot be confirmed until the CT scan is carried out, he said.

Ali pointed out that doctors were treating his client Saturday night for the allergic reaction he suffered with the hope that the scan could be performed today.

He added that he was told by doctors if the scan was carried out while the suspect was experiencing the allergic reaction, it could affect the accuracy of the results.

The man is suspected of kidnapping Keyianna from her Duncan Street, Port of Spain home on the afternoon of December 15 and dropping her off along the Priority Bus Route (PBR) the following day.

He reportedly went to her home and promised to buy her snacks before making off with the child.