Sunday, February 18, 2018

Accused wife killer weeps: She slapped me

On trial for murder Shawn Marcelline

On trial for murder: Shawn Marcelline

Donstan Bonn

Accused wife killer Shawn Marcelline testified yesterday that the woman he is alleged to have killed, slapped and fought with

him as he tried to evade her on the day she died.

Marcelline, 44, cried as he maintained that he could not remember

how his wife of 15 years, baby sitter Juliet Victoria Cummings, died on August 2, 2003.

During his hour long testimony in the San Fernando Second Criminal Court, Marcelline said his wife was quarreling with him, telling him not to head to New Grant to visit their children.

"I decided to leave the maxi. When getting up to come out the maxi, she get up too. She pelt a slap on meh and I grab she and we start scuffling."

Asked by defence attorney El Farouk Hosein what happened next, the labourer became emotional. His voice cracked as he said, "I don't know what took place."

He took off his pair of glasses and wiped his eyes and face, "I was home and my sister telling me, I kill Julie ... Oh God."

As Marcelline tried to compose himself, Justice Norton Jack asked Hosein if a glass of water will help his client but Marcelline said he was fine. Later in his testimony, however, Marcelline requested the water.

He testified that he could not recall how he reached his home, which was about a quarter mile away from the Nipdec car park where Cummings's body was found.

She was stabbed 19 times and had wounds to her face, neck, scalp, jaw, hands and arms.Marcelline said it was the following morning that he was told by relatives of her death.

Marcelline said he was living with his sister in Princes Town after he left the New Grant home he shared with Cummings and their four children on May 2003, following an altercation in which he was arrested by police officers.

Marcelline said that he and his wife had an argument after he told her that his co-workers were talking about him and laughing at him and she said she did not care.

The off-shore labourer said after he left the house, he was not allowed to see his children who were between the ages of eight to 15-years-old and that "hurt". Marcelline said on August 2, 2003, he had finished work in Princes Town for which he had been paid.

"I decided to go New Grant to drop the money I received for the job to the aunt of the deceased." Carrying the money, he said, was a usual practice.

Marcelline said when he got to Nipdec car-park he met Cummings and told her where he was heading. Cummings told him she did not want him going there and that she had already put him in court, he said.

"I told she, look at the things you have done to me ... I just want to take care of my kids. I love my kids ... I told she after all this I still minding the kids and after all that, you still gone and bring me up for maintenance."

Marcelline said Cummings entered the maxi-taxi and he did likewise , although Cummings repeatedly told him that she did not want him going New Grant. He said she started quarreling and he decided to leave but was slapped and there was a scuffle.

The day after Cummings died, a senior police officer met Marcelline as his sister's' house. Marcelline yesterday claimed that the policeman told him, "You kill the police family and I will make sure you get punished for this."

He testified that he was taken to the Princes Town police station where he was threatened by another officer who told him, "You lucky I didn't meet you first. I wudda shoot you in your head for killing meh family." Marcelline later told the court that when the officers took notes from him, he felt hurt and frustrated. He said the notes were not re-read to him and he did not sign the document.