Saturday, February 24, 2018

Acting CoP: I’m thick-skinned

 ACTING Police Commissioner Stephen Williams yesterday described himself as being “thick-skinned” when approached by members of the media following an hour-long meeting with the Police Service Commission (PSC).

Within recent times Williams and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) have been criticised for its inability to curb the current bloodbath. The PSC yesterday met with Williams to discuss the recent spike in murders.

Twenty-two murders have been committed in 2014.

The meeting was held at the PSC offices at the corner of  Churchill-Roosevelt Highway and Pasea Main Road in Tunapuna. 

It lasted for about an hour.

Following the meeting, Williams was approached by members of the media.

Williams said he could not discuss what took place in the meeting and was therefore asked how he felt after the discussions with the PSC.

Williams said he and his officers were doing their best.

“As an individual I always try to maintain some level of normalcy in relation to how I feel about things in life,” Williams said.

“I am a thick-skinned person, I am not shaken by most things. My commitment is to Trinidad and Tobago, to do my best and I believe that is exactly what I am doing—my best,” he said.

Williams said anyone holding the reins of the TTPS must be a “strong person”.

“You don’t get emotional in this office, you have to be a strong person to perform in the office of commissioner and if you are not strong you will not be able to effectively perform,” he said.

Williams said while the Police Service may be experiencing difficulties in getting a grip on murders there are other positives that are taking place.

One of the issues Williams said people have been turning a blind eye to is the statistics concerning road deaths for this year with none being reported.

“I have heard nobody engage in discussions about the issue of the roads but if in 2014 we had 20 fatal road traffic accidents the media would have been running me down. I am wondering if the media has tracked how many fatal accidents there have been in 2014 as against 2013,” Williams said.

“There are so many things happening positively by way of police action that we concentrate on one thing but we know for a fact that we are doing a lot of work and it is all geared toward improving Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.