Saturday, February 24, 2018

Acting CoP: Wrecking will not stop

AN EXASPERATED sounding acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams yesterday said the police were not going to stop their exercises in the city, adding that with three serious crimes reported in the capital every 24 hours they were not going to slow down their operations.

"One hundred and fifty-nine, newly trained Special Reserve Police officers will be on the streets of Port of Spain, next week," he said.

Ag CoP Williams also suggested that to avoid the wrecker motorists park their vehicles in one spot and walk through the capital to conduct their business as he does.

He added, "I normally walk around the city of Port of Spain when I need to go to the treasury to change a cheque or if I need to go to Republic Bank to do some business so why when people park at a location not permitted to park under the law and say the police must stop wrecking, what am I to do. I don't know. Help me with it," said ag CoP Williams.

Williams stated that the increased wrecking was merely part of the service's overall strategy in dealing with the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago starting with Port of Spain.

He responded to complaints from Port of Spain's business interests who lamented that the removal of cars scares away shoppers and that there were much more pressing crime issues in the city.

Williams said, "An interesting thing about life in Trinidad and Tobago is the old saying. Damn I do and damn I don't because if the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service neglects its performance of its obligation to society people complain of poor performance but if the police pursues enforcement people complain of too much enforcement."

He continued, "so what do I do? Do I continue to exercise the lawful authority entrusted to me and my officers or do I just sit back and complain about traffic violations and lack of enforcement and wrecking because I think its critical for us to seek ways and means of delivering an improved form of policing in Trinidad and Tobago and that's all we are setting about to do. It's not limited to Port of Spain it will extend across Trinidad and Tobago."