Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Adita died of head injuries

Crushed by falling gate at home


Adita died of head injuries

Mark Fraser

Seven-year-old Adita Roopchand died of head injuries she sustained after a large metal gate fell on her at her Freeport home on Wednesday. 

An autopsy yesterday on the child, performed by Dr Hughvon Des Vignes at the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park, found she died of cranio-cerebral trauma. 

Adita, a pupil of Freeport Hindu Primary School, was in the front yard of her home in Beaucarro Village, standing mere feet away from her mother who was speaking with a neighbour on the roadway, when the gate fell on top of her. 

Her mother, Sita Roopchand, said she had left Adita and her brother, Devindra, 11, watching television in the house and walked across the road to speak with a neighbour. The children’s father, Rajendra Roopchand, a CEPEP (Community-based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme) employee, was at work. 

The father said he could not say if the gate was in need of repair. 

“I really cannot say. I don’t know how it (the incident) happened”, said Rajendra Roopchand. “The gate had slipped off the track one time before. That happened last year and I fixed it. No, it did not give trouble since then.” 

He said his wife was inconso­lable since their daughter’s death. “She is very stressed out, crying all the time,” he said. 

The father said funeral arrangements were being made for tomorrow, with a service at their home, followed by a cremation at the Waterloo Cremation Site.