Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Al-Rawi: I was talking about Mrs Creed #3

 Opposition Senator Faris Al-Rawi said yesterday the “Mrs Creed” to whom he referred some weeks ago as having received a catering contract in the LifeSport programme was “Mrs Creed, number three”.

“I said here a little while ago the Mrs Creed that I referred to a couple weeks ago, being Mrs Creed, number three.”

Al-Rawi was speaking on the “rampant corruption” in the LifeSport programme in the Senate yesterday during his contribution to the Miscellaneous Prisons Bill 2014. 

Senate Vice-President James Lambert rose to state this was something in the public domain some time ago and that Mr Creed had refuted the statement.

“It was publicly advertised. I would prefer if you would keep aligned with what we are doing,” he said.

Creed had denied the allegation through his attorney, Ravi Rajkumar, which was read in the Senate last week.

Al-Rawi stated: “Mr Vice President, I would just like to clarify in the privilege of exercising my freedom to speak in this Parliament on point and with relevance as I do now, I do not accept a word of the attorney’s’ letter written here. Because the evidence forward is that there are three Mrs Creeds.

“But I was dealing with crime and the Government’s attempt to distract the population from the truth. And I am saying, Mr Vice-President, categorically that the evidence of corruption standing against the other Mrs Creeds is there in the corruption that lies in the catering contract.

“I am saying that fully aware of the responsibility that I have as a parliamentarian. Chapter and verse of the proof exists and we can deal with that on another occasion. I am stating it with the responsibility that a parliamentarian bears when he says something. I am not making an idle position.”

In response to comments coming from across the floor, Al-Rawi said: “Yes and I am using that (the term the three Mrs Creeds) in the Trinidad sense of outside woman and outside woman,” he said.