Saturday, February 17, 2018

Al-Rawi gets most PNM votes

Senator Faris Al-Rawi, who ran for the post of PRO in the People’s National Movement (PNM) internal elections, received the highest number of votes of all the 34 candidates who contested positions with 18,228 votes. 

Second was former principal Anthony Garcia (18,167 votes) who ran for the position of Education Officer. Third was Political Leader Keith Rowley, who copped 18,121 votes. Lady Vice-Chairman Camille Robinson-Regis followed with 18,056 votes. She was followed closely by Foster Cummings, (18,055 votes) who ran for the position of Elections Officer. Then came Chairman Franklin Khan and General Secretary Ashton Ford, who each received 18,054 votes.

Also receiving over 18,000 votes was Jennifer Baptiste  with 18,022 votes. Other members of the Rowley team received over 17,000 votes each. 

Of the losers in this internal election, former Minister Mariano Browne who ran as an independent got the highest number of votes — 1,583. 

The loser who received the second highest number of votes was Ronald Boynes who contested the position of General Secretary on the team, led by Pennelope Beckles-Robinson.  Boynes received 1,439 votes.  He was followed by Marva Bostic (1,356), who contested the Lady Vice-Chairmanship, on Team Penny. Next came Cagney Cassimire who ran for Vice Chairman (1138 votes) and then Joanne Lima Neaves who ran for the position of Education Officer who received 1,333. She was followed by Bose Sharma Officer (1,317) who ran for the position of field officer and Clifford Chamber (1316 votes) who ran for the post of Field Officer. Beckles-Robinson with 1,315 came next, ranking eighth among the losers in terms of the number of votes received.

Al-Rawi said yesterday his rating had to be viewed in context. He noted that Team Penny did not contest the PRO position and that his opponent was Nal Ramsingh, an independent.  “Surely Mrs Beckles-Robinson must be given credit for punching in a different weight category than my opponent (Ramsingh). So it is not surprising that you would have a little anomaly here and there in terms of that result,” he said.