Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alert off-duty cop helps stop thieves

Suspect held, 2nd arrest soon

The swift work of Wood­brook Police yesterday morning resulted in the apprehension of a San Juan man after he allegedly attempted to

steal from a delivery truck. According to police reports, at about 11.30 a.m., a delivery truck was parked along French Street, Woodbrook, delivering goods to Massy Stores.

The attendants to the truck, police said, made their way inside of the building to inform the manager of their arrival.

At this time, two men reportedly exited a silver Nissan Almera car and began moving several cases of goods from the delivery truck into their vehicle.

Among the items moved were 11 cases of wine, five cases of tuna and a quantity of biscuits. However, as they were moving the items, an off-duty police officer who happened to be passing along the roadway observed their actions and contacted the Woodbrook Police.

A party of officers, in­cluding Sgt Lucas and WPC Brown, responded and they called on the two men to surrender.

Both suspects dropped the items they were holding and immediately attempted to flee the scene. However, the officers

gave chase and held one of the men, who was said to be in his 20s and from San Juan.

He is expected to be placed on identification parades before being brought before a Port of Spain magistrate.

Sources told Express the arrest of the second suspect was imminent.