Saturday, February 17, 2018

Alivn Daniell mourns passing of his wife, Diane



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DIED RECENTLY: Edwin Pouchet

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The Silver Stars Steel Orchestra, as well as the steelband and calypso fraternities were yesterday thrown into mourning for the third time in as many weeks when Diane Daniell, wife of composer Alvin Daniell, succumbed to cancer at about 10.30 a.m.

This follows on the heels of the deaths of Silver Stars founder, Edwin Junior Pouchet and Extempo king Sheldon John.

Alvin Daniell, over the past several years, worked closely with Edwin Pouchet to compose music for the Silver Stars and other bands they both worked with.

Diane Daniell was one of the band's staunchest supporters, but more than that, she was a dedicated supporter and lover of the steelband movement as well as the calypso fraternity and all things pertaining to local culture. She was a diehard supporter of her husband and wherever he was seen either liming at an event, working with the steel orchestras or judging a competititon, she was sure to be there.

Diane was known for always having an encouraging word for young pannists or calypsonians and although she would not complain loudly, whenever she did not agree with the results of any pan or calypso competititon, she would state her position clearly to anyone that entertained conversation with her over said results.

She had been waging a battle against cancer for some time, never allowing it to stop her from being active.

As news of Diane Daniell's death hit, people from the local cultural fraternity including Raf Robertson, Tony Hall, Ian Eligon, Peter Samuel, Dionne McNichol-Stephenson posted condolences on Alvin Daniell's Facebook page