Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Amputee, 69, pleads for help


Sixty-nine-year-old amputee, Sherman Goddard, is pleading for assistance.

After the man who uses a wheelchair asked for help, the Express visited his home at Plymouth Road, Tobago and found the structure to be incomplete.

Goddard said he was misdiagnosed for diabetes and his right leg was amputated in 2012.

He said at the beginning of 2013 he applied to the Division of Health and Social Services for assistance, but was told the division could not help.

“Fifteen months after applying they called me for an interview, in which they turned me down. The reason being that they said they never pay disability over the age of 65,” Goddard said.

He said, he also wrote to Health Secretary Claudia Groome-Duke on the matter about a month-and-a half ago. “I did not even get an acknowledgement,” he said.

The $410-dollar food card he presently possesses, can only provide meals for two weeks. He has a very limited food supply as a result.

“Well right now, my light bills, I have WASA bills... they all backed up. I have to keep calling some of my creditors to ask them to at least hold off until the end of the month when I get a small cheque, when I could take care of it.”

Before he lost his leg, work was being done quickly towards the completion of the place he calls home. Those dreams have halted.

Anyone wishing to help Sherman Goddard, can call 367-8266.