Sunday, February 25, 2018

Analysts: Pragmatic move by Jack

Jack Warner’s move to endorse Lyndira Oudit as Independent Liberal Party (ILP) political leader was pragmatic but only time will tell whether the ILP will win or lose support, say political analysts.

“I think Jack Warner is being pragmatic in his role in the future of politics and probably considered the state of the politics and I think it is in his best interest in moving forward,” said political analyst Bishnu Ragoonath.

Ragoonath said to a large extent the ILP followed in the role of the previous years where the United National Congress (UNC) was Basdeo Panday and Panday was the UNC.

However, he noted when Panday was removed as UNC leader, the party remained a viable and strong one.

“Jack Warner however doesn’t have that strength in his party and that will in a way undermine the confidence the people have as we go forward,” said Ragoonath.

On Oudit’s selection as leader, Ragoonath said, “I don’t think she has that strength and charisma but she’s going to try her hand at the leadership.”

Ragoonath said if ILP supporters stayed with the party throughout the St Joseph by-election and the local government elections, they probably would stay on to the 2015 general election.

Political analyst Winford James said Warner’s decision to relinquish the leadership was “not a bad thing”.

He said it was good that Warner was looking for younger people to take up the struggle, but, he noted the public knows nothing about these persons.

James said Warner’s move to assume the ILP chairmanship mirrors that of Winston Dookeran’s endorsement of Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan to lead the Congress of the People (COP) while he contests the party’s chairmanship.

He said time will tell as to what the outcome of these actions will be. James said Oudit has no record to show of her in any leadership role and the persons on Warner’s unopposed slate were all his “creatures”.

He questioned why ILP deputy leader Anna Deonarine was not contesting any positions or even running a slate.

James said he was impressed when he first heard Deonarine speak and thought she was someone with talent and knowledge.  

COP leadership candidate Lincoln Douglas has sent  best wishes to Lyndira Oudit on her nomination as ILP leader. He also extended wishes to incoming ILP  deputy leaders Rekha Ramjit, Lena Wolffe and incoming deputy chairman, Rosanna Sukdeo.