Monday, January 22, 2018

Angry Benny Hinn blasts photographers


TIME TO PRAY: World-famous evangelist Benny Hinn prays before the crowd which included several dignitaries yesterday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain. —Photo: AYANNA KINSALE

Mark Fraser

An estimated crowd of 12,000 flocked to the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain yesterday to listen to world-famous evangelist Benny Hinn.

Hinn was in Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend for two days of crusades.

However the world-famous evangelist took the media to task for taking pictures of him while he was speaking. “I had enough pictures taken for the day so you could stop now,” he told photographers.

Hinn also chastised a cameraman for attempting to fix a wire leading to the stage where invited guests, Laventille East/Morvant MP Donna Cox and Arima MP Rodger Samuel, were seated. Hinn shouted at the cameraman saying, “Go and leave the wire. I don’t care about your stupid wire.” The camera man walked away and left the area.

Hinn was critical of people who believed that religion can save them from damnation. He said “religion cannot save you it can only destroy you”. He said the entrance to heaven was by way of the cross and “if you reject Jesus you will be destroyed in fire”

In his sermon on the eternity of the soul,  Hinn told the crowd “ there is no man on earth that sinneth not.” He quoted several instances of people in North America who came to him to be saved. His answer to their problems was “ salvation is a gift.”

Among hundreds who went to the crusade to rid themselves of ailments was Hilarian Perreira, 69, who has been suffering with prostate cancer for the last two years. He told the Express he has been to Mt Hope hospital many times but was unable to get cured. “ I can’t even walk now I live in a wheelchair” he said.

When the time came for healing Perreira was whisked to the front line by a relative.