Thursday, December 14, 2017

‘Anil never at ministers’ meetings’

Griffith: Caucus agreed to T&T Red Steel name...


‘no catfight’: Gary Griffith


in parliament

Sport Minister Anil Roberts has been missing in action by not attending the parliamentary caucus for the past few months.

This is according to National Security Minister Gary Griffith, who told the Express yesterday had Roberts attended the caucus, he would have known all ministers were in support of the Trini­-

dad and Tobago Red Steel name.

Griffith was responding to questions from the Express during the Senate’s lunch break yesterday.

He made it clear he has no intention

of getting into a “catfight” with Roberts over the issue.

Roberts had written to the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), following which the Trinidad and Tobago name was dropped from Red Steel—a move captain Dwayne Bravo voiced concern over.

The Trinidad and Tobago name was reinstated—and according to the CPL, this was because of the intervention of the Prime Minister.

However, the issue has become contentious as Roberts, up to Wednesday at a news conference, asserted Red Steel cannot be called Trinidad and Tobago because it was not a national team.

Roberts said only Cabinet can overturn the decision and reinstate the name. He later walked out of the news conference.

The Prime Minister had indicated the matter will be discussed at the Cabinet meet­­ing today.

Griffith said yesterday Cab-

inet did not remove the name in the first place—and Rob­erts

did so without authorisation.

Griffith said citizens and mi-

nisters supported the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel name.

“I will let him be the judge of his own character, if it is he feels that it is appropriate to attack a fellow Government minister and call me and shout at me and walk out of a press conference. That is Minister Roberts’ style; I have no intention to go down that road, I have no intention to go into a catfight with the right honourable Minister Roberts,” said Griffith.

“Almost all citizens of this country, they have been pushing and clamour­ing for the fact that this should be known as the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel; all the ministers decided it should be Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel,

the only person who did not want it to be Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel was Minister Anil Roberts,” said Griffith.

“All the ministers who were there at

the parliamentary caucus, they all agreed...Minister Roberts, he never attends a parliamentary caucus. In the last

few months, we have never seen him

there, so he would not have known what

decision was made at the caucus of ministers,” said Griffith.

He said if Roberts wanted the Trini-

dad and Tobago name removed, he should

have followed procedure and brought the matter to Cabinet to gets its view.