Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another dead dolphin washes up in La Brea


a big one: Villagers display the dolphin carcass yesterday which washed ashore on a beach in La Brea on Thursday. —Photo: INNIS FRANCIS

Mark Fraser

THE discovery of a second dead dolphin washed ashore in La Brea has raised the concern of area fishermen, and parliamentarian Fitzgerald Jeffrey who wants foreign experts to investigate.

The dolphin was found at Point Sable Beach, which was blanketed by oil that washed ashore last December. 

Last month, the carcass of a dolphin washed ashore on the Vessigny Beach but the cause of death could not be determined by marine experts who performed a necropsy.

Yesterday, disgruntled fishermen joined Jeffrey in calling on the authorities to find out what was happening.

Wayne Henry,  trustee of the La Brea Fisher Folks Association, said he stumbled upon the juvenile dolphin on Thursday afternoon. 

He said he suspected the dolphin washed ashore with the tides earlier that day, since it was already being scavenged.

Henry said fishermen were accused of dumping fish out in the ocean, then claiming there was a fish-kill when the carcasses came ashore.

“But I want to know, if we dump that (pointing to the dead dolphin) too. That is a young one.

 It is an endangered species. They are protected and it is about time we get answers,” Henry said.

Jeffrey said it is time the authorities, including the Environmental Management Authority, seek out independent foreign investigators to look into the matter.

The fishermen said they also found dead birds (corbeaux, pelicans and seagulls), fishes (mullet and salmon) and crabs.

Yesterday, eight people from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of the West Indies in St Augustine took samples from the dolphin, and asked that the regional corporation provide an excavator to bury the animal.