Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Anti-bullying group wants drug testing

 DRUG screening and random drug testing should be conducted in schools, in an attempt to deal with the issue of bullying.

This is the view of the Anti-Bullying Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ABATT), which issued a statement yesterday, calling on Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh to ensure stricter school policy and legislation to deal with the issue of school violence.

The statement comes after several media reports of violence invol­ving secondary school children.

“The ABATT believes that the Ministry of Education should be more pro­active in treating with the issue of bullying and related behaviour in schools.

 “It is therefore imperative that school administrators, teachers, pa­rents and students take all complaints and treat with all reports of bullying with the highest degree of priority so as to prevent future incidents of this nature,” ABATT said.