Thursday, January 18, 2018

Application lodged in March

An application to set up Voice Media was lodged by Cindy Ragbir on March 11.

Directors listed are Cindy Latchman, ATM Consulting Ltd, Vidia Narinesingh, a businesswoman and  Krishna Ramoutar, an accountant.


The Newspaper Act Chapter 20:01, Article 13: “(1) At the foot of the last page of every newspaper and of every supplement issued therewith, shall be printed the first name and surname, occupation and place of abode of its proprietor, printer and publisher, and in the case of a company its corporate name and also a true description of the house or building wherein it is actually printed and published, respectively, and at some place in the newspaper the day of the week, month and year on which it is published.”

The act further states any person who “knowingly and wilfully prints or publishes or causes to be printed or published, any newspaper or supplement thereto, whereon the several particulars aforesaid are not set forth, or are falsely set forth, is liable to a fine of one thousand dollars”.