Saturday, February 24, 2018

Appraisal shows top cop’s performance improves

STEPHEN Williams’ performance as the head of this country’s Police Service has improved, an appraisal conducted by the Police Service Commission (PSC) has stated.

PSC chairman Prof Ramesh Deosaran said Williams’ appraisal was rated as “good” and he (Williams) will therefore be granted an extension in his acting appointment until January next year.

Two Thursdays from now will make it exactly two years Williams has been acting as Police Commissioner.

He was appointed to the position since August 7, 2012 following the retirement of then substantive commissioner Canadian Dwayne Gibbs.

Williams’ appraisal took place yesterday at the PSC’s headquarters located at Pasea Road in Tunapuna.

“The Commissioner has improved from last year and the Police Service Commission was very pleased to let him know that so he was rated as quite good,” Deosaran said.

Deosaran said Williams’ performance was rated on six categories: maintenance of law and order, public trust and confidence, human resource management, strategic initiatives, financial administration and the quality of documentation submitted to the PSC as required for the appraisal.

“We use six categories to measure the performance of the Police Commissioner, not merely the crime statistics, which is an important feature,” Deosaran said.

Deosaran said ten recommendations were given to Williams for further improvements.

“He has to improve the detection rate, he has to have more outreach programmes to get the public in fuller partnership with the Police Service, he also has to deal with the complaints within the Police Service itself, complaints against officers should be treated very seriously because such complaints do affect public confidence,” Deosaran said.

Deosaran said the process to find a substantive Police Commissioner is “nowhere near the horizon”.

“We are not very happy as we told the commissioner to keep on appointing him to act time and time again we find that unduly stressful on both sides and in a sense quite embarrassing to the commissioner,” Deosaran said.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Ann-Marie Alleyne-Daly also had her appraisal conducted yesterday.

“She is quite a good officer, she has quite a good future. Of course she is a good administrator and we look forward to some great things from her both in terms of an example of what a senior police officers should be and in terms of serving the general public,” Deosaran said. 

 Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams said everyday he gives his best to this country as the head of the Police Service despite being in a position to retire from the Police Service with full benefits.