Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Are we ready for disaster?

Griffith, Ramroop join annual panel discussion...


SPEAKER: Gary Griffith

Mark Fraser

“Engineering for Disaster Preparedness and Management. Are we ready  for disaster?”

That is the theme of the annual technical conference of the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago to be held on Thursday and Friday at Cara Suites Hotel, Claxton Bay.

Speakers include National Security Minister Gary Griffith  and internationally recognised disaster management expert, Tony Gibbs of the UK.

Participating in a panel discussion on “National Challenges of Small Island Developing States” will be Prof John Agard, UWI; food alleviation expert Ewoud Heesterman; Tyrone Sutherland, Caribbean Meteorological Organisation and Zaffar Khan, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.

Other speakers at the conference and their topics include: 

1. Sashtri Gunness, Drainage Division, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources—Challenges of Disaster Preparedness and Management; 

2. Dr Pramenath Narinesingh, UWI—Fluvial Geomorphology in River Maintenance;

3. Fazir Khan, Alpha Engineering & Design; Dr Vincent Cooper, UWI—Case Study of the June 2011 Major Flood;

4. Ewoud Heesterman,  flood alleviation expert and consultant—Storm Water Plan;

5. Eric Anthony Williams, Jusceno Jacob, Grenada Electricity Services Ltd—Engineering and Managing an Overhead Electrical Network for the Storm;

6. Ravi Shukla, T&TEC —Transmission System Disaster Management;

7. James Richardson, TSTT—Disaster Management Plan;

8. Edward Albada, Halcrow Group (T&T) Ltd —Design Evolution for a Proposed Port subject to Earthquakes, Hurricanes and a Volcano at Carr’s Bay, Montserrat;

9. Dr Stephen Ramroop, CEO, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management

10. Christopher P Braden, Manvindarjit Ahluwalia, Christian T Ray, CH2M HILL (USA)—Seismic Modelling Of A Multi-Span Semi-Integral Bridge;

11. Anthony Chadee, WASA—Implementation of WASA’s disaster preparedness plan;

12. Dr Arvind Singh, Dr Kim Mallalieu, Dr Sean Rocke,  UWI—Multifocal Collaboration on Disaster Management;

13. Dr Rae Furlonge, Miguel Cudjoe, APDSL —Towards the Preparation of a Workable

Egress Plan for Port of Spain;

14. Dr Robin Osborne, Trinidad Cement Ltd —Possible Roles for Concrete Roads and their

Appurtenances In Disaster Preparedness And Management;

15. Antonia Lucky,  TTEMAS—The Role of Emergency Mutual Aid as an Effective & Innovative National Coordinated Emergency Response Solution;

16. Marc Rudder, chairman NOCSC Committee, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs—Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan;

17. Henley Harewood,  vice-president, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment, Atlantic LNG

18. Lloyd Lynch, UWI Seismic Research Center—Radical Changes in Mapped Earthquake Hazard Potential;

19. Dr Ali Sari, Atkins Oil&Gas—Blast Assessment of Structures in Oil & Gas facilities;

20. Kenya Rolle, Ricardo L Bonaby and Francis S Clark,  Caribbean Civil Group Ltd, Bahamas—Groundwater Contamination Implications for Future Catastrophes

For more information visit: http://www.amiando.com/APETT_ATC2014; E-mail: apett@mail.tt; or call: 682-7005 or 627-6697, Engineering for Disaster Preparedness and Management.