Thursday, January 18, 2018

Arima mayor steps in

Arima Mayor George Hadeed has instructed the corporation to assume the responsibilities of Anil Roberts in light of his resignation as MP of D’Abadie/O’Meara.

In a news release yesterday, Hadeed pointed out that a significant portion of the constituency falls within the boundary of the corporation.

He stated that even before Roberts resigned, the councillors and aldermen increased their delivery of service to the area. Hadeed said Roberts neglected the borough.

“At its last statutory meeting on Thursday July 31st, the council unanimously approved my statement calling on the then MP to resign from the Cabinet in light of the controversies which impaired his ability to represent his constituency.

Hadeed drew reference to the intervention of the borough’s council when Malabar residents objected to a judicial complex being placed in their community.

“After their issue was ignored by their then MP, only the intervention of the mayor and the members of the council forced the Ministry of Justice to rethink its plans,” Mayor Hadeed explained.

He said neither Roberts nor any other member of the COP attended any of the consultations held to address the issue.