Sunday, January 21, 2018

Arouca man, 22, beaten at job

...dies later at hospital

The murder toll has climbed to 118 after a 22-year-old Arouca man was beaten at his workplace in St Helena yesterday.

Police reported that sometime between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., Adesh Maharaj, of Waterloo Road, was standing near a diesel tank on the compound of V&V Contracting Company Ltd, St Helena, when he was approached by a group of men. 

It was said some of the men had water hoses in their hands, while one man held an axe handle. The group exchanged words with Maharaj, following which at least one individual attacked him. 

Maharaj was beaten severely about the body, receiving injuries to his head, chest and back. 

Several employees on the compound witnessed the altercation and raised an alarm, which caused the attack on Maharaj to stop. 

Two employees then placed the wounded man into the tray of a van on the compound and rushed him to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, where he was treated. 

However, shortly after midday, despite the efforts of the doctors on call, Maharaj succumbed to his injuries.

The police were notified and a party of officers from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, the Northern Division, and the Central Division, including Insp Dilpaul, Sgt Nash, Cpl Ramsaran, Cpl Mohammed and PC Hercules, visited the scene. 

The area where the incident took place was cordoned off and crime scene investigators swept the compound for clues which would assist them in their enquiries.

Several people were also interviewed and police officers were expected to collect and review CCTV (closed-circuit television) footage from cameras set up throughout the compound. 

When the Sunday Express visi­ted the scene yesterday afternoon, police officials were still conducting enquiries in the area. One worker who claimed he witnessed the incident recalled what happened under the condition of anony­mity.

“I was here when they beat that young boy. And the hard part is that they lure him here. He was working at another hardware this morning and they come and tell him to come over here because they say the bossman had a cheque for him.

“So when (Maharaj) reach, they walk him to the back near the diesel tank, and it was there that a group of them approach him, and they had hoses and all kinda things in their hands. Now while it had a set of them near him, I only really see two persons who hit that boy and one of them had a heavy axe handle in their hands and was beating that boy about his body. But to me, it was the last lash to the back of his head that fell the boy. Because after that last lash, you see him drop, and his eyes roll back, and he was just bleeding. They beat that boy real bad.

“All that happen real fast. Because by the time we raise an alarm and telling them men to stop and asking them why they doing that, the youth was already on the floor. We run up to them and ask them if they know what they do. One of the men say it was payback because he claim (Maharaj) had beat another man with a broomstick recently.”

Police sources told the Sunday Express they have received information regarding the main suspect in the incident and an arrest is immi­nent.

Cpl Mohammed is continuing enquiries.