Sunday, February 18, 2018

Attempted robbery at Yacht Club: 7 detained

 SEVEN men remained in police custody last night after being questioned in relation to an attempted robbery at Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club, Bayshore, which occurred during the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Charges are expected to be laid today.

Police who arrested the men told the Express they were being questioned with respect to other robberies that occurred in west Trinidad over the last month.

The drama began on Wednesday at 3.45 a.m. when a party of officers from the Western Division Task Force, led by Insp Mohammed, with assistance from Cpl Campbell and PC Kernanhan, among others, were on mobile patrol along Western Main Road, when they made a routine stop at the compound of the T&T Yacht Club. 

Following their regular procedures, the officers called out to the security officers stationed at the building. They got no response and the officers became suspicious. 

They then got out of their SUV and walked into the compound, where they found three security officers tied up in the guard booth of the facility. They had been beaten.

The officers then made further checks on the compound and found a van filled with outboard engines                        taken from boats which were in the yard. 

The officers then observed a group of men running to the back of the compound and ran behind them, but the bandits ran to the shore and attempted to hide from the police, following which the Western Division officers requested assistance from the Air Support Unit. 

With the aid of the helicopter’s spotlight, all seven men were soon captured in the Yacht Club and the yards of nearby houses. —GG