Sunday, February 18, 2018

Author to launch ‘over-18’ books

Nathalie Taghaboni—a Trinidad-born, Ohio, USA-based author—is in town to launch her two books: 

Across From Lapeyrouse and Santimanitay at the National Library and Information System (Nalis), Hart and Abercomby Streets, Port of Spain, at  6.30 p.m. today.

Her pen name is Queen Macomeh and her stories carry a  Carnival theme. 

The plot revolves around the Savanoys and their family secrets. 

A note on Across From Lapeyrouse said: “Taghaboni defly weaves the lives of her characters in and out of the pulsing Caribbean theatre. The glorious street theatre that is Trinidad Carnival is a fitting backdrop for the drama that Jeneva (a startling beauty) seems to attract.” 

A note on Santimanitay said: “It is infused with the technicolour pageantry of Trinidad that beats so fervently at the heart of its predecessor, titled Across From Lapeyrouse.” 

“I am in Trinidad to launch the first two books of a three-part trilogy,” said Taghaboni on Wednesday.

“Before, in 2008, I launched a collection of short stories. Now I am trying my hand at novels. It is very Caribbean-centric and Carnival-centric.  

“It is written from the eye of an expat. I have to work on the third book in the future, but I am not sure what it will focus on. But it will give a taste of Trinidad Carnival.

“It is very steamy. It is not written for an under-18 audience. It is not for children and adolescents. I remembered the words of my mentor (Toni Morrison). She said: ‘If you can’t find a book you like, then write one yourself.’ I found books I liked, but I ignored the naysayers and wrote one myself,” she added.

For more info, call: 706-3202