Sunday, February 18, 2018

Autopsy: Multiple shots for man in police killing

CHAQUILLE McCoy was killed as a result of multiple gunshot wounds about his head and body, according to the autopsy done yesterday morning at Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park.

McCoy was killed by the police on Thursday and his death led to fiery protests in Morvant, including along Lady Young Road and Mon Repos Road.

It was the second time an immediate member of McCoy’s family lost their lives through violent means as Chaquille’s elder brother, Dario McCoy, was shot dead in what police described as a gang-related attack in July 2006, when a group of men threw a Molotov cocktail into the Mon Repos home where Dario lived with his family. As he ran out, he was shot and killed.

Investigations are ongoing with respect to Chaquille McCoy as the official police report states he was killed following a police shoot-out with a group of men.

The police explained that officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force received information that McCoy and two other men were on their way to Petunia Avenue, the scene of last weekend’s shooting death of two boys—nine-year-old Jadel Holder and his brother, 15-year-old Jamal Holder.

According to the police, McCoy and the other men were going to “shoot up” the home of the dead boys’ mother, Michelle Holder, who had been calling for justice since the incident.

Minister in the Ministry of the People, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, visited the Holder home on Thursday and the police said their actions that morning saved the lives of not only the minister and her entourage but the Holder family as well.

However, residents are disputing this claim, calling it “outright lies” as several people alleged they saw the police “innocently kill” McCoy while he was working. 

Several residents claimed they witnessed the incident and said the police had encountered McCoy as he was working on a construction site near the river along with a group of men. 

Said one resident: “(McCoy) was just standing there doing his work, cutting steel, minding his own business and them police come up on the road and stopped near the track and watch down at him. He (McCoy) look up at them and didn’t even take them on. He turned back around and continue to work.

“He was walking towards the river when all of a sudden you hear bam! bam! bam! and gunshots just ring out. He start to run and the police take after him. He run down to the river and you just hear more gunshots.”

But no-one could explain why the police would suddenly attack McCoy.