Sunday, February 18, 2018

Autopsy: Man died of heart attack at beach

A Couva man who was suspected to have drowned during a beach lime in Cedros, had succumbed to a heart attack, an autopsy found yesterday. 

An autopsy on the body of Baldeo Kussie, of Peter Street, Perseverance, con­duc­­ted at the San Fer­nando mortuary, found he died after suffering heart failure. 

Kussie, police said, was li­ming with his friends at a beach in Gran­ville on Monday when, at around 3 p.m., he went into the water. His friends subsequently found him face down in the water and pulled him to shore. 

He was given cardiopulmo­nary resuscitation, but he failed to revive. 

Authorities were contacted and a district medical officer pronounced him dead on the beach. 

Yesterday, his mother, Vanessa Kussie, remembered him as a “quiet boy who was loved by everyone”. 

She said he worked some 15 years at KC Confectionery, and also was a part-time DJ. 

Vanessa Kussie said her son played music at a party from Sunday night to Monday mor­ning, then went to the beach lime. 

“He played music on Inde­pendence night. His friends said he didn’t sleep. He stayed by ‘Chinee’ overnight and he just came home the next morning for clothes and went back with them on the outing. They said at around 3 p.m., he was in three feet of water when he got a chest pain, and he fell on his knees and he died,” said the mother. 

“I last saw him the night before he died. He was in a good mood. He was going to play mu­sic and that made him hap­py. Music was his life,” she said. 

Funeral arrangements were being made for later in the week.