Saturday, February 24, 2018

Baby dies after head cut during C-section

Father seeks answers, complains of Mt Hope hospital staff:

A father is pleading for answers as to why his baby’s head was cut from ear to ear, resulting in his death during a Caesarean-section surgery.

Emil Millington said his wife, Quelly Ann Cottle, 38, went to the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital last Saturday to have a Caesarian-section operation performed.

“They said she had to do surgery because she is a hypertensive case, and they say that the umbilical cord was coming too short to serve the baby,” said Millington.

“In the evening, she called me to say the baby dead, they cut the head of the baby from ear to ear,” he added.

To add to the horror, Millington said hospital staff said they did not have space to store the baby and wanted to cremate his son that same night.

“I told her do not sign any papers; I am not giving any permission for that,” he said.

Millington said he visited the hospital and was told he could not view his baby and it would take some 30 days to process documents coming from an autopsy.

He said when he went to the Mt Hope hospital, he was informed the baby was sent to the Port of Spain General Hospital, and he had to wait for the body to return to view it.

Millington said when he saw his son’s body, he was overcome with grief. He said there was a cut on his head.

“I couldn’t hold my child,” said an emotional Millington.

“One nurse said it was a scissors, another one say it was a scalpel; I am confused as to what happen,” he said.

Millington said he was appalled by the behaviour from hospital staff who had no concern that he had lost his child.

His wife, he said, was not doing well and was currently at her parents’ house trying to come to terms with what happened.

“Nobody is giving me any infor­ma­tion; they saying they will talk to me after the autopsy. It is terrible what is happening; it have me shaking like a leaf right now,” he said.

“I want answers; I would like to know what happened, and I believe that the doctor who performed that operation should be subject to some kind of disciplinary action.

“I want the Health Minister, anyone in authority, to please intervene and tell us what happened,” said Millington.

Chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Dr Shehenaz Mohammed said she has requested a preliminary report on the issue and intends to meet with Millington today.