Thursday, February 22, 2018

Baby reunited with mother

‘Snatched by male relative’

The baby boy taken from the family home by a male relative three weeks ago was reunited yesterday with his mother.

Five-month-old Caleb Edwards was handed over to his mother Thereese Roy, who got an anonymous tip that the child was at a newspaper office in San Fernando where the male relative and a State social worker, were being interviewed.

Roy, who last saw her baby on July 15, said she was taken on a “wild goose chase” by the social worker who first told her to come to Port of Spain yesterday morning, where her baby was being kept.

It was only late yesterday that Roy was allowed to take her baby home. 

She said “it was ridiculous and unprofessional. You can’t tell me to meet you in Port of Spain. If I had taken a taxi to go to Port of Spain, you would have had me on a wild goose chase. She (the social worker) didn’t come to me. She went to (the newspaper) which was disgusting. It was only when I heard the baby crying on the phone that I realised she had the baby and the man was with her.”

The Express attempted to contact Minister of Gender Affairs, Youth and Child Development Marlene Coudray, on the ethics and propriety of the social worker’s actions, but failed.

However, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Sandra Jones told the Express the social worker will be asked to write a report on the incident.

“I think it s a ‘good news’ story that the mother was reunited with the baby” said Jones.

Roy had last seen her son on July 15 when the relative  picked him up from her home in Rio Claro. The man told Roy that he would return with the child the next day,  but he never showed up. 

Roy, who has three other children, later reported the child missing to the Rio Claro Police Station. 

She said yesterday that she wanted no further action to be taken against the relative.

“I already went through enough. I am just happy to have my baby back. I don’t want to go through any stress with these people again”.