Monday, February 19, 2018

Baby Angelina didn't survive liver transplant in Argentina


Angelina Beepath

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valiant effort: during surgery, at the Specialist Transplant Hospital in Argentina last September.

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LITTLE Angelina Beepath, whose million-dollar medical treatment was paid for by the State, died while undergoing surgery for a liver transplant.

Beepath would have celebrated her first birthday on December 6 last year.

The infant died last September 11 after spending 12 hours on an operating table at the Specialist Transplant Hospital in Argentina. The doctor who performed the surgery wept when she died, the Express was told.

Her grandfather, Khemraj Jainarain, said yesterday the family was still trying to come to terms with Beepath's death.

Beepath, whose death went unreported by media, was born with biliary atresia—a medical condition that prevents the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder. It can cause severe liver damage and could result in loss of life if not treated properly.

She left for Argentina last July 14 with her mother, Esther Mathura, 37, and her aunt Denise Bajoon, 42, who was her donor. The three were expected to return in five months. Instead, Mathura and Bajoon returned home with Beepath's father, Denny Beepath Bajoon, and Beepath's grandmother, Dularie Jainarain, on October 29.

Beepath Bajoon and his mother travelled to Argentina for the child's funeral. A Christian funeral service was held in the Spanish-speaking country and a Hindu funeral service was held at the child's home at Circular Street in Princes Town.

Family members viewed each service on Skype. Beepath's tiny body was cremated and her ashes disposed off in the foreign country.

Jainarain,71, said, "It was not only disappointing, and I still can't bear to talk about it too much.The results were not what we expected. She was okay before she went in to the operating room. She gave two big laughs before she went into the operation as if to say see me off nicely."

Jainarain thanked all those who supported the family including, the media and government.

He thanked Dr Carlos Luque who performed the surgery.

Jainarain said, "He (Luque) really tried. He could not bring himself to tell me the baby died. He was crying also."