Monday, February 19, 2018

Baby Celine laid to rest

Baby Celine was yesterday laid to rest after dying in her mother's womb over a week ago.

The funeral for the nine-month foetus was held at the family's San Juan home.

Last Wednesday Meera Maharaj was told by medical staff at the Mt Hope Clinic that her foetus had died in her.

She was told to go home and return another day.

Out of fear that something could go wrong, Maharaj went to the Mt Hope Hospital where she slept on four chairs awaiting help.

The dead foetus was delivered last Saturday and an autopsy report conducted on Tuesday found that the foetus had died because of blood incompatibility with the mother.

Maharaj feels that the failure of health authorities to administer an injection to her to prevent her baby from dying was the cause.

Maharaj's husband, Joseph Harracksingh, said yesterday he received a phone call from a woman from social welfare who enquired whether the family was satisfied with the autopsy and whether they would be pursuing any action.

He said he was not well yesterday and the woman said she would call back at another time.

Asked what was the next move, Harracksingh said: "Well I am not satisfied with what happened, how can I be? I think they could have done better than that, this could have been prevented."