Friday, December 15, 2017

Baby's organs missing after autopsy

THE baby girl who died three days after delivery at San Fernando General Hospital will be buried tomorrow without several body parts taken during the autopsies.

Her father Jason Francis said yesterday no could find his child's throat.

Baby Jada was born to Abbi Taylor, 24, at the hospital on February 2.

An autopsy was conducted by Dr Hubert Daisley at San Fernando General Hospital last Saturday.

A second autopsy was performed at Guide's Funeral Home on Coffee Street, San Fernando, a day later.

After the second autopsy was conducted, Francis, 39, said he was told some of the baby's internal organs were missing, including the heart, two lobes of the

liver and the oesophagus (which connects the throat to the stomach).

Francis said he contacted Daisley, who told him the organs were kept for further testing.

He revisited the hospital yesterday to collect the rest of his daughter's organs, but still did not receive the oesophagus.

"No one knows where her throat is. I got back the other parts and the doctor (at the funeral home) will be conducting DNA tests to make sure that the parts I got were the child's."

Francis and his wife claimed hospital negligence for the baby's death.

Francis made a formal complaint to South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) last week.

Another complaint was made yesterday, regarding the body parts.

Taylor is staying with her stepmother, Rhona Ferguson, at Aldana Street in Princes Town.

She also has a three-year-old daughter.

Taylor was physically healthy throughout her pregnancy and there were no complications up until delivery time.

Taylor said she had begged the nurses who were monitoring her in the delivery room "to do something" to make delivery easier.

It was only when the nurses realised the baby was not being delivered normally that an episiotomy was performed.

An episiotomy is a surgical procedure that allows for an easier delivery by cutting skin and muscles near the reproductive area.

The baby's shoulder was dislocated during the delivery process.

Taylor said the baby never cried and had a grey complexion, "like how the sky looks when it rains".

The child was ten-and-a-half-pounds when she was born, Francis said. She was kept at the intensive care unit where she died.

SWRHA chairman Dr Lackram Bodoe expressed condolences to the family.

"Once a formal complaint is lodged it will be investigated by the Quality Department of the SWRHA and a report is forwarded to the board. I will not be able to make a comment until that report is forwarded."

Yesterday, Bodoe said he was still waiting on that report.

The baby will be buried at Tableland Public Cemetery following a funeral service at a nearby church.