Monday, February 19, 2018

Bad eggs weeded out ‘at all cost’

Gary sticks to his guns:

National Security Minister Gary Griffith says police officials who do not abide by the law will be given the pink slip. 

A tough-talking Gary Griffith made these comments yesterday, when security heads met with Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Orville London and other THA officials at the Mt Irvine Bay Hotel.

 “And it is a basic concept that if it is you perform better and you do what is required, you will be rewarded.

“If you do not do what is required, you become a rogue element and you are not doing your job, and you are not respecting the persons that you are designed to protect and serve with pride, then you would be disciplined, if not fired,” Griffith said. 

According to Griffith, the few bad eggs in the Police Service will be weeded out at all cost. “And again, it goes to the importance of what I spoke about a couple of days ago. The importance of us weeding out the few bad eggs, those rogue elements in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

“Is not Gary Griffith is doing it, but it is important that we set the policies to provide that level of accountability,” Griffith said.

Griffith said customer-oriented policing and tourism policing need to be enhanced, especially in Tobago. Other issues addressed during the meeting involved security at the Scarborough Port, implementation of scanners, and a canine unit. 

Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, who also spoke after the meeting in Tobago, assured citizens the war against crime was not lost. 

“In 1984, we recorded 11,997 serious crimes in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2013, we recorded 12,800. We have between 1984 to 2013 recorded a lower number of serious crimes in Trinidad and Tobago. So therefore the issue of losing the battle against crime could never be correct,” Williams said. 

On the heels of Tobago recording its first murder for the year on New Year’s Day, Williams said violent crimes will be addressed by the Police Service.

“We have to address the issue of violent crimes. So for 2014, the Police Service is pursuing a violence-reduction strategy, all geared towards ensuring that we have a major impact on the levels of violence in the country,” he said.

 Williams said his lawmen were committed to providing the necessary resources to fight crime in Tobago, and working closely with the THA was a highest priority. “We have committed to providing the necessary resources, adequate resources to deal with policing in Tobago,” he said. • See Page 13