Friday, January 19, 2018

Bail Bill by next week

AG: We will make a dent in crime...

By next week, the Bail Bill is expected to be become law and will help in curbing crime, says Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

“The crime situation, of course, continues to be a source of concern, we have noted the spike in the murder rate, we are doing all that we can but certainly we will have the Bail Amendement Bill back in the Lower House this Friday to approve the changes made by the Senate and once that becomes law it certainly will bite into the back and neck of the criminal elements of our society,” said Ramlogan.

The AG said the amendments to the Bill will be brought to the House on Friday and the Bill will then be sent to the President by Monday for his proclamation.

He said the new law is a “fundamental radical change” to the way business is done in the criminal justice system and a dent will be made in the crime situation.

Ramlogan said he will also be bringing to the Parliament amendments to the DNA Act to ensure that the DNA base system becomes operational. He added that legislation to deal with witness tampering and jury tampering will be brought to the Parliament.

He said through this, evidence can be submitted via video links, with the witnesses identity being protected.