Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bail condition removed for alleged attacker

SONNYBOY CHOON, who was charged with beating his neighbour with a piece of wood, yesterday had the bail condition to keep 50 feet away from alleged victim Devi Singh removed.

It was Singh who raised issue with the condition, saying that she had to pass in front of the pensioner’s home to be able to leave the area to conduct business.

She also said that Choon, 68, who lived on one side of her home, had to pass in front of her house to visit his friend who lived on the other side of her house.

The road, the businesswoman said, is 15 feet wide.

Magistrate Annette McKenzie removed the condition as ordered by another magistrate during Choon’s first court appearance.

McKenzie, however, warned Choon that he and his relatives and friends are still not to communicate directly or indirectly with Singh, 32.

“This friend you visit, do not encourage him or her to communicate with her (Singh)... If he does this and you are there with him, you will get yourself in trouble,” McKenzie said.

The magistrate advised him to walk away as Singh will be within her right to make a report to the police.

Singh raised issue about Choon’s dogs and McKenzie advised him that he should keep the animals on a leash when walking them.

The matter was adjourned to February 28.

Choon was charged by Constable Raju Ramsankar with causing grievous bodily harm to Singh.

It is alleged that Singh was beaten with a piece of wood during an argument over a dog. 

At the first court appearance last week, Singh came to court with a bandage around her head and with a swollen right eye.  

The Express was told she was also bitten by a dog on the right leg.

Singh continued to walk with the assistance of a cane yesterday. 

Choon is out on $50,000 bail.