Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bandits rob, terrorise family

A SANTA CRUZ family lost thousands of dollars worth of items following an early-morning robbery at their home during which the two bandits ate the family's meal, washed it down with Coca-Cola and then left in the family's Hyundai Tucson.

One of the victims, Denise Gomez, of First Street, Santa Cruz, told the Express yesterday she was awakened around 2 a.m. by a torchlight being shone in her eyes by a man standing at the foot of her bed.

The other bandit stood at the bedhead.

She said she sat up and was immediately told by one intruder to lie back down and cover her eyes. Her husband, who was asleep next to her, was ordered to lie on the floor and then tied up.

"My husband is a six-foot, well-built man," said Gomez, "so they thought he was a police officer."

The couple's five-year-old daughter, who was with them, was allowed to stay with her mother.

The men then ransacked the house, stealing three flat-screen television sets, Gomez's wedding ring, three cellular telephones along with an undisclosed sum of cash and other bits of the family's jewelry.

The men even made their way to the kitchen and helped themselves to a bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black, one bottle of Johnny Green, two bottles of Gold and a bottle of Johnny Walker Platinum, which were all sealed.

Gomez said that her husband remains devastated.

During the robbery, the couple's son, aged 25, returned home from a lime.

"That boy give them bandits pressure," said Gomez.

He reportedly shouted at the bandits that he needed to use the washroom and insisted that he did so.

He also asked for his little sister, aged five.

One of the bandit's became very, very annoyed and asked him, "yuh think I is a ______ rapist or wahh. That's a lil girl, dread."

The bandit then ordered him, "Pee yuh pants."

After taking what they could and packing it into the husband's SUV, the bandits then left; but before doing so they tied Gomez's legs together.

Gomez said she untied herself using scissors and then freed her husband and her son, following which they alerted neighbours, who contacted the Santa Cruz police.

Officers arrived within minutes and began an investigation.

Gomez said she felt violated as a result of this robbery.

"It was one of the most awful things I have ever experienced," she said.