Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bar owner kills bandit: 4 suspects held

A bandit was shot by a business­man during a robbery at his bar in Tabaquite, near Princes Town, on Friday night.

The bandit was later found dead, slumped behind the steering wheel of the getaway car in Williamsville.

He was identified as Kalen Lorez, 29, of Ecclesville, Rio Claro.

A police manhunt was launched and four people, including three women, were detained in connection with the robbery.

The incident occurred at Pajo’s Bar, along Tabaquite Road, around 11.30 p.m.

Bar owner Winston Williams said he was not prepared to die at the hands of a bandit. And when he saw a masked man pointing a gun at him, Williams said the only thing he could do was fire first.

He spoke to the Sunday Express through a burglar-proofed gate at his businessplace yesterday. 

A few patrons were seated outside the bar.

Williams said, “There were not many patrons in the bar at the time. I was with my wife and some relatives seated outside the bar. About five of

us were sitting and talking. Then three

masked men came in and shout­ed for us to get inside. We went inside and I escaped through the back.”

Williams, the owner of a licensed firearm, said the men helped them­selves to bottles of brandy, cigare­ttes and cash.

“I came back with my gun and one of the men turned to me and poin­t-

ed his weapon. At that time, the only thing I could do was fire first. I was

terrified; I don’t know what was going

through my mind at that time,” he said.

Williams said the wounded man ran through the back while the other two escaped by running out the front door.

The police were contacted and offi­cers responded within minutes.

The officers spotted the getaway car, a black Nissan B15, parked at the side of the road in Hardbargain. 

Lorez was slumped over the steer­ing wheel of the vehicle.

Police searched the area and found

the four suspects—a man and three women—hiding at a bar in Willi­ams­ville. 

Investigators believe a fifth suspect escaped.

Police said the male suspect is related to Lorez. Two of the women —a mother and her teenage daughter —live in Vistabella while the third woman is from Belmont.

Williams said he opened the bar 13 years ago. His business was robbed three times, prompting him to install security cameras.

“I got a gun because I have to protect myself and my family. I don’t know what other measures to take to protect myself. I cannot close down my business because this is my live­lihood,” he said.

Williams said he was afraid for his family’s safety. 

“Yes, I am very afraid right now. I hope nothing like this happens again. But if it does, I will not hesitate to protect myself,” he said.

Police sergeant Roget of the Table­land Police Station is continuing investigations.