Monday, December 18, 2017

Baron robbed of $50,000 bracelet


sentimental value: Timothy "The Baron" Watkins

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CALYPSONIAN "The Baron" or the "Sweet Soca Man", is not singing too sweetly these days after he was robbed of his $50,000 bracelet in East Port of Spain. He says it was grabbed by a bandit whom he describes as a, "red man."

According to Besson Street Police the incident occurred around 4 p.m. on Tuesday when Timothy Watkins aged 65 of #970 Paria Main Road, Toco was driving his Nissan Frontier south along Observatory Street, Port of Spain and had stopped in traffic.

Police said his windows were down at the time when the bandit described as a five foot, three inch, light-skinned Afro-Trinidadian male walked up to him and yanked the bracelet off his right arm.

Watkins shouted at the man but he ran up a road off Observatory Street and escaped.

Watkins then drove across to the Besson Street Police Station nearby and made a report.

According to a media release sent by Watkins' publicist, "the bracelet was made in honour of his mother back in 1993 and was valued at $50,000 and he hopes the police will help in getting back this invaluable piece of jewelry and he can get the picture of the red man from his memory as he is having nightmares of his robbery."

Besson Street CID officers are continuing investigations. —Gyasi Gonzales