Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Beckles: It’s about leadership

Former senator Pennelope Beckles said yesterday that the issue of leadership was about who could deliver more seats in the Parliament in the next general election.

Beckles, who is contesting the position of political leader in the May 18 internal People’s National Movement (PNM) election, communicated her views via her new Facebook page.

In a posting done at 11 a.m., Beckles stated that the PNM internal elections were about “the issue of leadership, not gender”.

“The conversation must reflect the maturity of our leaders, not their gender or the hue of their skin. We need statesman type leadership, who understands the needs of the society and the challenges of governance. The PNM leader must be able to deliver a working parliamentary majority at the next general election. We do not want to win by one or two seats. We want a minimum of a two-thirds majority”, she stated.

She announced on February 3 on her original Facebook page that because she had reached the maximum of 5,000 friends and therefore she had to launch a new page. Beckles is yet to hold a public meeting or a press conference in her campaign for PNM leadership.