Friday, January 19, 2018

Berkeley dies at 70


veteran masman: Wayne Berkeley

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Legendary masman Wayne Berkeley died yesterday evening at age 70.

In 2000, he suffered a severe stroke that left him paralysed on the right side of his body but never dulled his creativity.

Berkeley won the coveted Carnival Mas Large Band of the Year title a record 11 times, six times consecutively.

His most memorable presentations included Secrets Of The Sky, Genesis, Heromyth, Swan Lake, Titanic and Strike Up The Band.

Berkeley was born in Belmont and grew up there. He attended St Mary's College.

During his career, Berkeley did costume and set design for major theatrical productions in Britain and the United States.

Commenting on his death last night, bandleader Brian McFarlane said, "It is an extremely sad day. We lost a talented individual and I don't think that this country gave him the honour he deserves. Truly it is a sad day. His death is a tremendous lost and as a nation we have lost one of the greatest sons of the soil in terms of art."