Thursday, December 14, 2017

Beware corruption, 208 new cops urged


GRADUATES: A cross-section of the newly graduated police officers during Friday’s ceremony at the Police Training College, St James. —Photo: ANISTO ALVES

Mark Fraser

ACTING Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams has advised 208 newly graduated police officers that if they lived a policing life guided by the service’s core values then they would never face issues such as corruption and serious misconduct.

Williams addressed the graduates on Friday afternoon during their ceremony held at the Police Training College, St James. He told them of the service’s new vision and strategic plan which is expected to be rolled out between this year and 2016.

“Our vision is to make every place in Trinidad and Tobago safe.”

He added, “Listen, graduates. This is very deep in meaning as our mission in 2014 is partnering with the public and deliver constant high quality service.”

Williams also reminded the graduates, “We are chastised for the conduct of every police officer but we must let honesty, integrity, dignity guide us and we expect every police officer to live this life.” He admitted however that they were challenged, “when an officer falls short of the values set out by society and my hope is that the 208 of you honest officers fly our flag proudly.”

He added, “if you don’t work hard then failure will be an option for you.”