Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bharath: Rowley, PNM afraid nation knows its rights

 THE anxious and incoherent response of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley on constitutional reform has so far presented the best arguments in favour of refor­ming the national Constitution to put greater power into the hands of people, Minister of Communication Vasant Bharath said yesterday.

Bharath was responding to a message to the nation by Dr Rowley on Friday evening.

Bharath said: “His incoherent rambling on Friday evening demon­strated how deeply afraid Dr Rowley and the PNM are of a population that knows its protected rights, and is intel­li­gent enough to use those rights.”

“Dr Rowley is clearly panicking at the thought that constitutional reforms will force him and his party to place the views of people over the views of his party. And his address on Friday was a pitiful and clearly frantic attempt to blur the facts because he and his party thrive on fear and domination,” he added.

Bharath continued: “Every single claim he made bore no relation to fact or reality. He is attacking the reforms that were developed by an indepen­dent commission, based on extensive consultation across the country, and is bullying the people Trinidad and Tobago to accept his constitutional reforms, which were sneakily developed by only PNM officials. That is what they did in 2006 and that is what they did again in 2014. 

“In everything that he has said, the sensible people of Trinidad and Tobago can see clearly Dr Rowley believes more democracy is a threat to him and his party. That is an indict­ment on him and his party and he has unintentionally revealed the threat that he poses to the people of our country.”

Bharath said members of the PNM participated in some of the 21 con­sul­tations held over a significant period of time. 

“It must be noted that the former senator Pennelope Beckles-Robinson and MP for Diego Martin Central Dr Amery Browne attended and parti­cipated in the Arima and Diego Martin public consultations.”

“Despite being aware of the con­stitutional reform report, and his own members participating in the process, what Dr Rowley told the nation on Friday evening is that he doesn’t care that the majority of people want term limits for the Prime Minister, the right of recall and voting that will ensure all elected officials must secure majority support. What the nation wants is not important to Dr Rowley, he is only concerned with the PNM’s hunger for domination,” he said.

Addressing concerns on second ballot run-off voting, Bharath said: “Dr Rowley is trying to con the nation into thinking that second-ballot run-off voting will create instability. But Dr Rowley must answer why he sat quietly and was happy to be part of an illegitimate Cabinet in 2002. 

“At that time, what Dr Rowley’s PNM did was to abuse grey areas of the Constitution and cling to power for ten months without parliamentary scrutiny. And that was one of the more unstable periods in our history. Yet, now, when we see new measures to prevent such an atrocious attack on democracy, Dr Rowley has refused to support them.”