Monday, February 19, 2018

Bill approved

‘Will assist in crime-fighting’

 WITH 18 members on the Government side voting for the bill and ten from the Opposition side voting against it, the Indictable Offences Committal Proceedings Bill was approved Friday night by a majority vote.

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan who piloted the bill, described it as one that will assist in the country’s fight against crime and which will also allow those that deal with the country’s violent criminal element to have immediate information for the accused suspect when he or she stands before a magistrate.

“The government is looking to strengthen the judicial arm of the State like never before,” said Ramlogan as he replied to taunts from Opposition members.

He explained that a century had passed since the country had been using the Preliminary Enquiry method of determining whether a case can be heard in the Assizes or not and slammed the Opposition of opposing for opposing sake and doing nothing about the large backlog of court cases that needed to be dealt with.

Prior to the bill being approved however amendments were made to the wording of several clauses contained within the bill, including Section 34, so that there was no ambiguity if or when the bills becomes law. —GG