Friday, January 19, 2018

Black Stalin headlines after-Carnival concert

Foreday Mornin’ Entertainment will present ‘Love Yuh Own…in celebration of Calypso music’ tonight at Little Carib Theatre, Woodbrook, starting at eight o’clock.

Headlining the cast of musicians and performers will be Black Stalin (Leroy Calliste), five-time winner of the National Calypso Monarch title.

Stalin was awarded an honorary doctorate by the St Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies in 2008. Long before that, however, he had been captivating audiences at home and throughout the region with his ‘gospel of unity’ in song.

With a half-century of experience in the calypso arena, Black Stalin has succeeded in remaining relevant today in a society he has challenged to think and reflect on burning social and political issues of our time.

Widely regarded as one of the most humble and easy-going personalities in calypso, he has unleashed a slew of self-composed hits such as “Wait Dorothy”, “Play One”, “Martin Luther King”, “Bun Dem”, “Look on the Bright Side”, the immortal Caribbean Unity, better known as “Caribbean Man”, “Black Man Feelin’ to Party”, and “Love Yuh Own”, after which the concert is titled.

Accompanying Stalin is ace guitarist, composer and arranger Theron Shaw and his band.

While he executes comfortably in just about any genre of music, Shaw’s distinct leaning is towards Caribbean jazz.

He has won accolades for his first two CDs and is currently putting the finishing touches on a third that is soon to be released.

A collaborative effort with Black Stalin holds great promise for a delightful stream of re-harmonised and re-arranged melodies.

Rounding off the slate of performers are Natasha Joseph, a skillful double second pannist, best known for her work with now defunct Panazz Players, and Krisson Joseph (no relation to Natasha), vocalist and son of the late calypsonian Penguin (Sedley Joseph).

Tickets for Love Yuh Own are $200 and will be available at the Little Carib box office from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. Contact: 645-8155 or e-mail for more details.