Saturday, December 16, 2017

‘Blockbuster’ debuts for Carnival 2015


BIG-SCREEN FUN: A masquerader in the section Last of the Mohicans, from Fantasy Carnival’s Blockbuster for 2015, during Saturday’s launch at 02 Park in Chaguaramas. —Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY

Mark Fraser

The magic and allure of Hollywood cinema came to life on stage on Saturday night as Fantasy Carnival unveiled its 2015 presentation, Blockbuster, to an enthusiastic assembly of thousands gathered at O2 Park, Chaguaramas.

Featuring 17 sections designed and named after a variety of successful Hollywood movies, the show of costumes lasted approximately 40 minutes and featured a cinematic introduction on the big screen at centre-stage:

“The following preview has been approved for mature audiences by the Pumping & Raving Association of Trinidad and Tobago,” said the pre-recorded voice of International Soca Monarch host and media personality Mark Anthony. “From the producers of Savage, Book of Angels and Secrets of the Deep comes another epic adventure...”

From long-standing favourites like Rambo and Troy, to more recent big-screen gems such as Frozen and Maleficent, the themes of each section flickered on the big screens as models sashayed up and down the runway showing off the actual costumes.

Upon entry, patrons were greeted by a grand replica of a movie theatre foyer, complete with a giant digital signboard above which advertised the band and its affiliates.

After clearing the foyer, early patrons were treated to free popcorn, Oreos and other movie snacks while proceeding to the main dance-floor. There, well-stocked bars served complimentary beer, rum and vodka all night long, but, with coolers also allowed, patrons had their fair share and options of what to drink.

Following the official presentation, feedback from patrons was generally positive, with some pointing out the high quality of the themes and costumes shown by all the Carnival 2015 bands that have launched to date.

“These costumes are amazing,” said one female patron, “but I also like a few from the other bands. So all these hot costumes are making my choice very difficult...and there’s still Yuma to come! At the end of the day, though, if all the costumes are great, then it will come down to who has the most vibes and, from what I’m seeing tonight and what I heard about the road this year, Fantasy is it!”

The Fantasy executive committee expressed great pleasure in successfully executing their launch event and thanked all patrons for attending and all sponsors for their support.

Designers of ten sections, Richard and Anthony Productions and Concepts Ltd, were seen celebrating after the presentation.

Owner/manager Anthony Hall reiterated the sentiment that this was their “best work ever” and spoke of all the positive reviews they received that night.

“People are going crazy already! I think the theme and the execution of the designs this year is really excellent and we’re going to have a rocking time on the road...

“Fantasy is all about delivering a fun experience and the opportunity to portray these iconic movie characters in the streets of Port of Spain is definitely going to be fun come Carnival 2015,” said Hall.